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We are one of the few distributors and servicers in the Northwest of camera systems, parts, and locator wands from the manufacturers – Troglotech and Schonstedt.

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The Troglotech T800 camera system has been the benchmark for other manufacturers to aspire to. It is waterproof and durable, both of which make your job easier in the long run. With thousands of these cameras in use it has proven to be the worlds most robust inspection camera.

Troglotech – T804 Trogloprob

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Product Details

  • T800 auto-uprighting camera

  • Integral digital video recorder – up to 32 hours recording on one flash card – Snapshots + Video recording

  • 9-page textwriter with rod-counter, time & date, and various display modes

  • Power cell – up to 8-hr use from a single charge

  • High-brightness monitor – designed for daylight use with sun-shade

  • Full skid set for 3″, 4″, and 6″

  • Mains charger with country-specific mains lead

  • Full user manual

  • 200-ft reinforced, flexible rod

  • Sonde 512Hz for locating in pipes above ground

Troglotech – T804 Sonde Mz 512

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Product Details

  • Attaches to our T804 Full System Trogloprobe for accurate underground locates.

  • Used with the Schonstedt locator wand.

Troglotech – T804 Flextitail

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Product Details

  • Attaches to our T804 Full System Trogloprobe to allow the camera to negotiate multiple tight bends.

Troglotech – T800 Camera Head

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Product Details

  • Attaches to our T804 Full System Trogloprobe.

  • Self-leveling 2″ camera.

  • For use in 3-6″ diameter pipes and Multiple accessories makes this camera head useful in most situations

Troglotech – T815 Crawler System

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Product Details

  • Industrial robust system for 4-24″ pipes

  • 984 feet Auto Drum 4” to 24” Centered – up to 39”/1000m

  • Pan & Tilt with ‘auto-home’ to simplify operation

  • complete system fully waterproof to IP67

  • full days operation from supplied batteries

  • Wifi Video Streaming to customer

  • reversing camera

  • Powerful Sonde

  • Lithium-Ion powered

  • 4mm Kevlar cable

  • steerable as standard

  • locking wheel bolts

  • cable auto-layering

High quality locating equipment that allows you to locate your camera system accurately with ease. Durable and easy to use, there’s no better choice than a Schonstedt locator wand.

Schondstedt – XT512 Locator

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Product Details

The XT-512 combines the portability of the XTpc package with the low frequency sonde and passive locating capability found in larger more cumbersome locators.

With the XT-512 you can located and determine the depth of your sewer/pipe inspection camera or a small sonde. The XT-512 is useful in locating blockages and obstructions in non metallic pipe.

  • Operates on 512 Hz frequency mode

  • Passive detection of 50 Hz or 60 Hz and sonde

  • One button depth measurement

  • Digital readout display of signal strength (peak)

  • Audio and visual output

  • Battery and sensitivity indicators

  • Ergonomic and lightweight

  • Retracts for easy storage