Sewer Camera Repairs and Sales

We are dedicated to providing you and your business with the quality equipment you need to run your business. Our repair shop boasts a 24 to 72 hour turn-over so you don’t have to go weeks without your most important tools while waiting for repairs.


I thought my old camera system was good; it definitely did the job.  Having used the Trog for some time now I have come to realize that all of the things my old system did well, the Trog does better.  It is one a one piece unit with a much smaller reel – easier for both crawlspaces and roofs.  There are no cumbersome/vital cables to carry and keep safe.  And, it’s waterproof, not just water-resistant.  This means I can be out in wind-driven rain and the only thing getting ruined is my mood.  When the camera does need attention Rick has proven to be not only available, but both accommodating and skilled.  There has not been an issue yet which he could not deal with while I waited.  This is the polar opposite of the service on my old camera.  On top of all that, Rick has probably scoped more sewers than most people on earth and so is a great resource.     —Alex Wells

Lighthouse Sewer Inspection

We were completely fed up with the lack of service and extremely expensive repairs from the other brand system we owned.  We are so lucky to finally get a very high quality sewer camera and most importantly, high quality and timely service.  —Spencer Chynoweth

NW Sewer & Drain

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